how to wear 2-piece suits in the summer

summer 2-piece suit done right

2 piece shorts suit ryan petit

So this is what we’re doing now? Wearing suits in the summer? Okay, I am not one to follow trends, but I must admit—this summer suit trend that’s trending, I rock with it. I wear suits all year around, but how do you wear a suit during the summer without looking ridiculous? It’s much easier than you think.

First thing’s first, keep it short. Instead of wearing the regular basic 2 piece blazer and long trouser suit, get a suit with shorts instead. Can afford it? Go to the thrift store and purchase a 2 piece suit you like, then cut the pants into shorts. Boom! You now have a 2 piece summer business suit!

what do you guys think about this trend? Are you for it or nah?

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