Vans Not Just One Thing | Ryan Petit

Vans Not Just One Thing | Ryan Petit

Jack of All Trades

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Last Fall I was part of the Vans Not Just One Thing campaign. The opportunity didn’t fall into my lap. Plus, if it did, I wouldn’t have appreciated as much as I do.

I always wish I could work with Vans. I posted that on my story. Later on that day I found out Vans was promoting a national contest. I contemplated whether I should do it. To enter the contest, I had to submit either a photo, video, or any form of original work that shows Vans how I am not just one thing. Me being the queen of procrastination, I waited 4 hours before the deadline to decide that I wanted to submit.

I submitted a video— an interview style video that showed how I’m not just one thing but also more than one person. Different, I know. With every question asked, I had a whole new wig and outfit on. I submitted the video with just an hour left before the deadline.

A month or two had passed and I forgot I even entered the contest. I got an email from Vans saying I won. I was won of the winners. I had to refresh the email five times before it actually sunk in that I was a selected winner. I won!

Celina Kenyon, an amazing and fierce photographer, came from Cali to my city to shoot me. We chopped it up and took photos. I loved her energy. She took amazing pictures of me.

As a winner of the content I got a voucher to create my own custom pair of Vans.

I designed my custom pair with my favorite era in mind, the 90s. The 90s were bright, loud and an statement; that is what inspired my design. I also put my face on it. Don’t judge me. I’m not used to having nice things! The graphic of me was created by my dear friend Marra Wood. I added Isaiah 56: 4,5 because that is what God promised me at one of the lowest point in my life last year.

I took these photos myself. These photos are mine. Please give me credit if using. Thanks!