Dear Black Girl

Dear Black Girl

Getting down to the basics

ootd 2.24.19-10.jpg

I overheard someone say even though it’s March, the year is technically over— see what we not gon’ do is say some BS like that. I ain’t having it!

I have some goals I want to accomplish, but hearing someone say that the year is already over doesn’t sit right with my soul. So, I’m starting over. And with this fresh start, I am feeling energized and ready to put in some work starting with my first blog post of the month.

These pictures I took reminds me of the hood girl classics. Growing up in the hood there were basics that every girl and even boy had. The classic pair of white air force 1s and the gold bamboo earrings I’m wearing brings back feelings of nostalgia.

What pieces from your childhood brings back memories?

I took these photos myself. These photos are mine. Please give me credit if using. Thanks!