It's Time to level up sis

It's Time to level up sis

Don’t be your own enemy of progress

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Have you ever gotten discouraged because somethings weren’t moving when you’ve wanted it to? I have. And yes, it can be extremely frustrating, however I’m learning that remembering we’re not in it alone is key.

My frustration is my career or lack thereof. I love creating content; it brings me peace and joy. But when building a platform and a brand, especially via Instagram, it is difficult. And you know how Instagram’s algorithm is just disrespecting us all—it gets discouraging.

My constant concerns are how am I supposed to build an authentic following when no one can see me? How am I supposed to get noticed when my posts are being hidden from 90% of my followers? and more questions like that. Any small influencer who’s trying to building a platform knows exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve followed a couple accounts where me and someone else have had close to the same amount of followers and engagement and then boom! They now have 15k or 20k, almost over night. And here I am busting my ass creating content all by myself and I’m not even at 3k. My frustration is real.

This week I’m focusing on positive perspective and faith. The two go hand-in-hand. In order to have a positive perspective I need to shift the way I’m looking at my current situation into a more hopeful point of view. In order to have a genuinely positive outlook on life, I have to have faith. Part of the formula of faith is being hopeful and believing that it will happen, which is your perspective.

I know it will be a challenge but it’s one that needs to be faced. My life literally depends on the way I view it. And my actions or lack thereof, will follow based on my POV.

I just wanted to share my thoughts. If you’re out there and feel a similar way, your not alone.

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