if you didn’t know, Micro-Influencers are the new wave

Ryan Petit for Vans

Ryan Petit for Vans

Within the past couple years, instagram influencers have taken over. Their super large followings have allowed them to land collaborations with national brands we love and even be featured in national commercials. Unfortunately, a majority of them are white or nonblack. Representation still does matter especially on a platform such as Instagram.

Many of my favorite black influencers do have large followings such as Jackie Aina, Jayla Koriyan, Kellie Sweet and Color Me Courtney. They work with brands I desire to collaborate with but, I also enjoy following micro-inflencers who are also working those same brands. Companies are beginning to realize that micro-influencers have healthier relationships and higher engagement levels with their followers and cheaper to work with.

In honor of Black History Month— sorry Year, I am going to put y’all on to black micro-influencers that you should know. Companies are beginning to recognize these young black bosses and it’s time you should too. Click on their photos to see their instagram!

Mercedes Bell

Mercedes Bell, an undergrad student and micro-influencer, has worked with brands such as Lively, Dazzel Direct and Material Girl just to name a few. She uses her platform not only to show off her amazing style but to also share goodies with her supporters who engage with her regularly. Mercedes’ personable connection with her followers is undeniable. She’s always dropping gems about great products and even shares advice on how to grow your IG page, which is how we met!


Haez is a plus-sized model and a lifestyle micro-influencer based in Florida. She represents the full-figured women of today while also catering to her black females supporters by sharing advice on makeup, fashion, dating, dieting and just living life as a black plus-sized millennial woman today. Keep up with Haez’s journey as she navigates through life by following her instagram. She drops major gems on her IG story weekly!

Betania Renee

Betania Renee is a multifaceted individual. Like many entrepreneurs, she wears many hats. Betania is a model, actress, pre-law student and a vegan micro-influencer. She also proudly represents the afro latina community. Whoot Whoot! Betania has worked with brands we all know and love such as Dark n Lovely and L’Oreal and more. Stay up on Betania’s latest adventure by watching her IG story!


Krys is now a creative director. Congrats on your new gig sis! She is also a blogger and content creator that is taking New York City by storm. Krys has many projects under her belt that has prepared her for her newest role as a creative director. Krys also shares her faith with her supporters who finds her testimony inspiring. Krys remain relevant among her peers by constantly creating content that has connection to her but is also relatable to her audience. This Boss Babe is just getting started. With God on her side, there's nothing she can’t do.


Grace, also know as Handsomelygirly on instagram, is a fashion influencer. With her sick style and crazy photo edits, why doesn’t this girl have 1 million followers yet?! I need answers. Grace is a trend setter. She doesn’t follow trends. She walks to the beat of her own drum. Her followers love that about her and connect with her on a special level—on many levels actually. Through her style she uses that as an outlet for herself but also tells stories through her edits. As a fellow supporter, her photos gives me reassurance and confidence that you don’t need to fit the cookie-cutter image of what an influencer should look like.

Do you follow any of them already? How are you using your platform to empower your people?

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