Remember The Promises

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

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This year will be an interesting year no doubt. At the same time the anticipation of wanting to see how the year will go only grows with time, well at least in the beginning.

ryan petit hair

I have my goals for this year, yes, but my concern for this year is slightly different than any year before. I would love to move to New York. I've visited several times and love it everytime. But does my move align with what God wants for me in this season? That's the question that is plaguing me at the moment. I'm trying to listen to God but sometimes I don't think He's talking. And other times I don't think my mind will shut up for me to hear. Plus I really think God has been talking to me through my Bible app. Those verses of the day have been speaking to me. But am I listening? That was today's verse from Matthew 11:15. What am I listening for though? Help me! Lol the frustration is real.

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The truth is, I don't want to go no where God isn't at. I want to go where there is provision for my life.

So at this moment in my life I'm going to find out where there is provision for me. I wont know where unless I go and find out.

Despite the uncertainty of where my next move is, one thing I am sure about is my obsession with my new aesthetic. I found this new preset and I'm trying a couple new things with my theme. I'm liking it so far.

ryan petit jumbo faux locs

Shout out to my girl Esther for gifting me this super stylish Zara belt for christmas! Love you!

Vintage pattern button up $3

Zara Velvet Black Belt $25 (gifted) (similar here)

Khaki Shorts $2.49

Zara Black Patent Leather Boots $19.99

Have you guys ever been in a season in your life where you didn’t know if what you wanted was the best thing for you? How did you find out your answer? Comment below!