Something Navy Launches At Nordstrom

Something Navy Launches At Nordstrom

Get it while you can girl!

On the morning of September 24th I clock into work at 7 am per usual. But on this particular morning I noticed that all my coworkers were raving about Something Navy.

I apologize in advance but I’ve never heard of the brand. Immediately I took to google. Then I went to the second floor, and there it was, Something Navy in its very own moment in front of Free People.

I instantly started drooling over the light blue fur coat. Ugh I needed it in my life. The rack was fully stocked. So I knew I was going to get one. I already made plans to get a medium; the perfect size that will allow me to have plenty of room to layer. But here’s the catch, employees couldn’t buy anything from Something Navy until 1 pm and we had to order it online. So I was like cool, no biggie. I’m gettin’ mines today.

Doors opened at 10 o’clock on the dot. By 11 am Something Navy was sold out. Pink Carnation Blazer and trouser, gone. Double Breasted Topper Coat, gone. The rack that held the blue brunnera Teddy Coats that looked so full and plump that morning was dry as chicken bone by noon. You already knew I clutched my pearls and gasped as if I caught my imaginary husband cheating. Giirrrlll! I was hurt. By late afternoon 80 percent of Something Navy was sold out online, including that medium in my teddy coat. Yeah girl! I was shook.

The pieces that were on my wishlist: (yeah it’s just one thing lol)

something navy teddy coat blue brunnera.jpeg

Well guys, the moral of my story is get it while you can. Oh and I found out today that Arielle Charnas will not be restocking these pieces. She’s coming with a new collection in several weeks. So be on the lookout!