Lil' House On The Block

Little House on the prairie remixed and seasoned

I linked up with my girl Nimra who has an amazing eye. We would collab during the semester but since I graduated it’s been a little bit difficult for us to link up. Our collab was long overdue, so we made it happen. Shoutout to Nimra for my photos!

Anywho I called this look “Lil House On The Block” because this dress reminds me of little house on the prairie. Yeah that lil 1800s looking dress that lil old women wear… mhm that’s this dress. But Since I’m hood (lmao) and I have much more spice than Caroline (yes I googled the characters), I added my own twist to it. This is how I style a granny dress a.k.a button down midi dress.

ryan petit blog lil house on the block.jpg

I bought this cropped white fur jacket for $17-ish. I said ish because I know it was more than $15 but less than $20. One of my most expensive pieces of clothing. Remember I thrift everything I wear. The white makes the cream color of the dress pop. I think it mixes well.

lil house on the prairie

I don’t even wear dresses but for some reason I love this dress. I guess I love how simple it is—almond shaped cream colored buttons straight down the middle. I left the last two undone because I didn’t want to look like a granny. I wanted the dress to have some sort of sexy appeal. This dress was $3.45. Such a steal!

fila disruptor 2 fila disruptor II

To make this dress super casual I added some chunky sneakers. Fila disruptor 2 are my newest staples to my wardrobe. The socks are a casual touch. Honestly, they’re worth the $65.

button down dress

Honestly, dressing like this—this meaning more simple—makes me feel so sexy in the most classiest way. I dress for myself not for the likes, the guys, or for the compliments. I’m just learning to be more concerned with what I think and what God thinks.