8 Best Gifts for Him & Her

8 Best Gifts for Him & Her

The Most Underratedly Thoughtful Gifts They’ll Always Remeber

With Thanksgiving being nothing but a memory we sometimes forget about the little things we were thankful for. As Christmas quickly approaches these gifts will show your loved one that you haven’t forgotten about them. They will always remember that you remembered the little things.

Most of these gifts, if not all, are affordable. Show the person you love that you’ve been listening to them (even if you really weren’t). With these gift ideas they will feel heard.

Do you have that friend that has talked about getting laser hair removal for the longest but complains about how expensive it is? I know how much it cost and $2k+ doesn’t just fall out the sky. Surprise them with this new product that is taking over the US by storm. Hair Free is a Japanese brand that creates products that stop hair grow without any laser treatment. Not only does it work as good as actual laser hair removal but the price is 99% cheaper than laser treatment. Let them think that you spent a stack on this. Jokes on them when you actually spent $50.

I know you’re probably wondering why would you gift someone a squeegee. Listen real quick, this gift is for someone you know that shares a bathroom. A roommate, sibling, couples etc. Trying to get ready while your mate is taking a hot shower and fogs up the mirror is annoying. Constantly wiping the mirror and later drips up with streaks are ugly. Gift them this $7 shower squeegee from Target. It will change their life. Please don’t just give them this alone lol throw some lotion or body wash in there too lol.

Do you have a content creator in your life or just someone who enjoys taking pictures? They will honestly love you for this gift. As a blogger, there have been times where I couldnt document of OOTDs because I didn’t have someone to take my photos. So many cute outfits are nothing but a memory now. But if you gift the blogger in your life a a tripod with a Cell Phone Tripod Adapter they will never have to bug you or anyone to take their photos. Set up the tripod and adapter, start the timer and boom! they’re their own photographer! Sunpak 5555DLX Tripod is only $20 and add DaVoice cellphone mount for $7, you’ve just changed their life for less than $30. Visit your local Best Buy for similar products for the same cost.

These crazy socks are amazing for several different people in your life; the sneaker head, the comfy queen, the sock-feen who just love socks for no reason etc. Gift them these dope socks from Stance. With so many collections to choose from, there’s a sock for everyone. From cartoon to rock legends, Stance has a sock for you. Give that sock-chotic person in your life with 4 pairs of these to match their fit or just for comfort. With each pair only const $22 or less, it’s a steal! They will always thank you everytime they put them on.

As a fellow reader, I appreciate a great book, especially the one I can fold the pages down for a later return. Gift the reader in your life with an amazing book or two. The Books listed are all by black or brown authors who' have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. Visit your local Target to cop these books for your bookworm.

If you’ve never seen this let me introduce you to Lazy Susan. Lazy Susan is a cake stand that spins. It’s made with real wood and marble. But it’s not just for cakes. Place your plate of food on it and spin it around while you eat. Instead of reach over each area of your plate, spin Lazy ass Susuan around to get to your desired food. Have fun while you eat for only $50. This gift is perfect for the foodie in your life. Plus it looks amazing in pictures.

wireless headphones pods

Everyone feels like a CEO of a fortune 500 company walking around with airpods. But you don’t have airpod money. There’s someone you know that you think would love a pair. No fear, SocialGadget is here! They have two different kinds of “airpods” for a third of the cost off apple airpods. Both headphones being under $80. The ones shown are the Mini Universal Wireless Headphones for $60. They also have the original version of the mini that only cost $40! Might as well get one for yourself too! Perfect gift for your music lover, fitness fanatic or just someone who’s always on the go.

portable cordless steamer

Not everyone can iron properly. But you can’t mess up steaming. This is a gift that a traveler in your life doesn’t know they need. Or just someone who hates ironing. There’s no cord or mess. Visit your local Khol’s for the Conair Garment Steamer with Turbo Steam. For $60 this steamer will melt your person’s heart.

I don’t celebrate christmas, but I do celebrate the thoughtfulness of giving back to people whether that’s in a form of gifts, feeding the homeless or any form of giving. I know sometimes we’ll get something we didn’t expect or flat-out don’t like. But before you judge your gift, think about how such gift can benefit your life before you toss it or re-gift it to someone else. It could be a blessing to you even though you might think it’s lame lol.

Would you appreciate any of these gifts? Or would you be salty if you got them for Christmas? comment below!