Best Products For Fading Dark Spots | Black Girl Approved

Best Products For Fading Dark Spots | Black Girl Approved

Stop Sleeping On These Products

I love being dark skin. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Growing up I may have received more hate for my skin tone than love. But through the adolescent years my skin was “perfect.” No acne no blackheads or whiteheads. No scars. Just clear and even.

By my freshman year in college my skin started playin’ games. It’s been several years since my struggle with my skin began. At this point my skin is acne free! BUT! Fading my dark spots over the years have been almost as challenging as getting here.

Over the past 2 years I decided to test several products. Take into consideration that I was a college student so my budget was extremely limited so all these products are under $10 except for one item. Some I still continue to use and others I’ve stopped using because the need for them stopped. Here are the affordable products that I’ve used over the past year or two that have significantly helped in evening and fading my dark spots.

best products to fade dark spots Nadinola

Fading Moisturizing Cream

This is NOT a bleaching cream

Nadinola is amazing! I’ve been using this cream for about a year now. I bought it from Walmart for $5. This cream not only smells good but it is extremely moisturizing. It’s what I would consider a heavy moisturizer. Therefore, if you have dry skin especially during winter, it will keep your skin hydrated and plumped with moisture all day with no need to reapply. As far as fading, this cream works well. What this cream does is it targets the dark spots and fade it without lightning the normally toned skin around it. Does that make sense? Basically it only fades the dark spots enough to blend into the rest of the normal skin around it. I did not get any bad or allergic reactions from using this. I give it 3.7 stars out of 5 stars.

Fading Cleanser

Might not be for sensitive skin

My friend Rebecca put me onto this. But before I used it, I wanted to do my research and watch a couple videos on this product. Kojic acid is made specifically to fade dark areas. You can use it under your armpit, knees, elbows, anywhere that needs a little lightning. I used this as a mask. How? I just do a thick lather on my face and let it sit until it dries and then I wash off. I saw a difference in my skin tone and skin texture while using this soap. It also works wonders if you have a breakout. It took about three to four weeks when I saw an obvious difference in my dark spots. It may not be for sensitive skin because it does have acid in it. I give this product 4 out of 5 stars.

Vitamin C Serum

affordable and effective

I never really understood the purpose of serums but after I bought Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C serum it made sense. It’s a whole lot of vitamin C concentrated in this super light serum. I bought mines for $3.99 from Ross, yes ma’am the clothing store. After two weeks of using it twice a day, my skin was more brighter, not lighter but brighter. It looked alot more refreshing. It did fade some of my dark spots but not as dramatically as I hoped. I give this 3 out 5 stars.

Roll-On Facial Peel

amazing exfoliator

This stuff is amazing! I bought mines from Amazon for $21, which is amazing considering the fact that they have raised their prices $15 now. Sad. I recommend this product to anyone who has uneven skin, dark spots or ingrown hairs. It works wonders! Now, I have to warn you that it does peel your skin after about four days of consistent usage (day & night). My skin peeled so much. The great part about it is there isn’t any down time unlike most chemical peels. I saw results after about 2 weeks. Just make sure you wear sunscreen. I still wore makeup while using this. It may not be for sensitive skin because it does have acid in it. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

Fading Sunscreen

Great results with consistent use

I’ve been using Neutrogena Age Shield Face Oil-Free Lotion Sunscreen for about six years now and I love it. It runs about $7 now. I began using when I was put on prescription meds for my severe acne way back when. My face was so much darker than the rest of my body. Girl, that ain’t cute. Although I was cured from my acne I decided to still continue to wear sunscreen. But once I began to wear this sunscreen— even at night— I saw that my face began to return to its right color. The results this sunscreen produced where mind blowing. Now my face matches with my neck. Neutrogena’s sunscreen definitely helped. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Please comment below what worked for you and any products you love that aren’t listed here!