100 Degrees

Who wears oversized sweaters in the summer? I do.

While we’re only three days away until Fall begins, I must admit that as close as I’ve been to having a heat stroke in Florida’s Summers, I will miss Summer. Luckily Florida only has one and three quarters of seasons; ten months of Summer, 3 weeks of Winter and whatever’s left over is supposed to be Spring or something.

For some reason I’m lowkey excited to wear sweaters. I guess it’s because I don’t get to wear them often. In the spirit of Fall I wanted to throw something together that is a great transitioning look from Summer to Fall… even though Florida doesn’t have Fall.

over sized sweater.jpg

This men’s sweater was $2. If you haven’t been following me for long, I do thrift EVERYTHING I wear. Except shoes. I haven’t found a pair that is worth buying yet. Anywho, This sweater looks heavy but it’s so airy and light! The large openings of the sleeves allows the wind to pass through and cool my body down. The color alone qualifies it to be a Fall piece. Can this be worn on those chilly nights? well, the cuddle level on this sweater I say is around a 5.5 to 6. which means it’s soft enough to stay warm and cuddle in.

90s windbreaker pants

The infamous 90s windbreaker bottoms. Yup, these are the ones that make that swish swish sounds every time I walk. Love it! I got these bad boys for around $3 if I remember correctly.

I had it in my closet for a while because I didn’t know how to style them. But now I do. Maybe I should make a post on how to style 90s windbreaker pants.

I never knew how much I would love these shoes! It’s black and cream which matches with so much. It takes point five seconds to put on and it’s super comfortable. Well done Vans, well done. These were gifted to me by Vans but you can buy these here.

Retro metal spring bracelets.jpg

I chose not to wear heavy accessories with this look. I believe it’s one of those looks that don’t need much or any jewelry. I added this retro silver metal spring bracelet. It is actually a tightly wound coil made of metal. It’s so cute even though sometimes it pinches me. Ouch! I bought this set of two for $1.99. Yes, it was thrifted.

black art how to style baggy clothes ryan petit vans sneakers.jpg
ryan petit look 1 baggy clothes.jpg

Takeaway: That one piece that you’ve been holding on to because you “haven’t found the right piece to wear with it yet,” yeah don’t get rid of it yet. You’ll find a way to style it.

I took these photos myself. These photos are mine. Please give me credit if using. Thanks!